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FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 2019

Attention All Students!
At the conclusion of today, June 14th, all lockers will be cabled and you will not have access until mid-July.  Please be sure to have everything out of your locker when you leave today.

Any student taking AP World History next year and has not received the summer work, please see Mr. Gerhardt in Room 140 by the end of the day on Monday, June 17th.  Go Red Sox!

In the time it takes to walk from one class to another, 25 cats and dogs are unenthasized in shelters in the United States due to lack of resources and overcrowding.  Amanda Lootens, Noah Wallner, Sara Bonfiglio, Frankie Antinetto and Savanna Tirk are holding a donation drive for Lollypop Farm.  See posters located on the PIG bulletin board across from the Health Office for information specific items to donate.  PIG students if you donate at least 3 items on the list, you will receive 1 PIG credit.


Art Club - Advisor: Ms. Stulpin:   

Best Buddies Club - Advisor: Mr. Pacitto: 

Business Honor Society - Advisor: Ms. Herman:  

Class of 2019 - Advisors: Ms. Heskeith & Mrs. Pellicane: Attention Seniors!
If you are interested in participating in the Elementary Senior Parade, sign-up sheets are now available at the Greeter's Desk.  The parade will take place on Friday, June 21st at 9:30 am.  If you have any questions, please see Mr. O'Connor.

Attention All Seniors!
The book billing/athletic list is now posted in the Counseling Office. Please be sure to check that you do not have any outstanding fees.  All outstanding bills must be paid in order for you to pick-up your cap and gown.  If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Schmitt in the Counseling Office.

Attention All Seniors!
Laptop collection is on Friday, June 14th and Monday, June 17th.  Please bring your laptop to the Makerspace in the High School Library during your lunch on one of those dates.   If there are any damages to your laptop, please have them taken care of at the Help Desk prior to June 14th and June 17th.

Class of 2020 - Advisors: Ms. Antosh & Mrs. Wade: Attention Current Sophomores!  Parking applications are available for the 2019 - 2020 school year in your administrator's office.  The completed application is due back no later than Monday, June 17th, if you expect to park on the first day of school.

Class of 2021 - Advisors: Mrs. Buckner & Mrs. McLean:   Attention Current Juniors!  Parking applications are available for the 2019 - 2020 school year in your administrator's office.  The completed application is due back no later than Monday, June 17th, if you expect to park on the first day of school.

Class of 2022 - Advisors: Mr. Guzzetta, Ms. Mason & Mrs. Van Huben:  

Chess Club - Advisor: Ms. Ben-Dov:   

Conservation Club - Advisor: Mr. Pacitto:  

D.A.S.H.2Change: - Advisor: Mr. Lysenko:  

D.E.C.A. (Distributive Education Clubs of America) Advisor: Mrs. Garofalo:  

Drumline Club - Advisor: Mr. Osborne:

Environmental Club - Advisors: Mr. Rennie & Ms. VanLoo:   

Fashion Club - Advisors: Ms. Shortino & Ms. Stulpin:   

Film Club - Advisor: Ms. Ben-Dov:  

First Priority Club - Advisors: Mr. Coffie & Mr. Rennie: 

First Robotics Club - Advisor: Mr. Gallina: 

First Tech Challenge - Advisor: Mrs. Mancuso:

Fitness Club - Advisors: Ms. Daly, Ms. Nentarz & Ms. VanLoo:   

French Club - Advisor: Mr. Mou:  

French Honor Society - Advisor: Ms. Resch:   

Friday Jazz Club - Advisor: Mr. Osborne:

Gay Straight Alliance Club - Advisor: Ms. Laistner:   

Hispanic Honor Society - Advisor: Ms. Thomas:   

History Club - Advisors: Mr. Buckner & Mr. Mueller:   

Hunting Club - Advisor: Mr. Pacitto:  

Italian Club - Advisor: Ms. Moyer:   

Jr. National Honor Society Club - Advisor: Mrs. Yantz:   

MasterMinds - Advisor: Ms. Ben-Dov:   

Math League - Advisor: Ms. Colasanto:  

Math Madness - Advisor: Ms. McGreevy:   

Mock Trial - Advisor: Ms. Ben-Dov:

Model United Nations - Advisor: Mr. Lloyd:  

Multicultural Club - Advisor: Ms. Montanez:  

Musicians' Club - Advisor: Mr. Osborne:

National Honor Society - Advisors: Ms. Mancuso & Mrs. Mizzi:  

Newspaper Club - Advisor: Ms. Ben-Dov:  

Odyssey of the Minds - Advisor: Ms. VanDeWeghe:  

Outdoor Conservation Club - Advisor: Mr. Montois:

P.R.I.D.E. Club - Advisor: Ms. Nentarz:   

R.C. (Radio Control) Club - Advisor: Mr. Pacitto: 

​Reading Buddies: 

Service Club - Advisors: Mr. Gerhardt & Ms. Morris:  

Ski Club - Advisors: Mr. Adanti & Ms. Nentarz:  

Sources of Strength - Advisors:  Mr. Gerhardt & Mrs. Wade: 

Spanish Club - Advisor: Mrs. Montanez:  

Spencerport Trap Team - Advisor: Mr. Pacitto: 

STAGE Drama Club - Advisor: Mrs. Pellicane: 

STAGE Orchestra Director - Advisor: Mr. Viavattine:

STAGE Assistant Director - Advisor: Ms. Pellicane:

STAGE Vocal Director - Advisor: Ms. Kearsley:

STEP Team Club - Advisor: Ms. Guadagnino:  

Student Government - Advisor:  Ms. Wyant:   

Varsity Club - Advisor:
Mr. Schneider:  

​Writers' GuildAdvisor: ​Mr. Pincelli:   

Ultimate Frisbee Club - Advisor:  Mr. Schneider: 

Yearbook Club - Advisor: Mr. Ashworth:    





Basketball - Unified:  



Cross Country:  









Track and Field:  







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