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To view the High School Morning Announcements, please open the District Intranet Page; click on the Spencerport High School Link; click on the Morning Announcement Video and click Play.


Attention All Students!
This is a reminder if you plan on bringing someone from outside Spencerport High School to any of the dances, you must have a completed guest form turned into your grade level administrator by the correct date.

Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime?  Then join the Language Department  on a wonderful European adventure!!  They will be visiting Madrid, Paris and Rome.  You don't  want to miss this great opportunity.  Our first parent meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 24th.  For more information contact Mrs. Brannigan or Mrs. Montanez.

Attention All Students!
This is a reminder that honor passes will be given out on Monday, April 22nd and Tuesday, April 23rd during all three lunches in both cafeterias.  You must have your school ID with you in order to receive your honor pass.  Honor passes will go into effect starting on Wednesday, April 24th.


Art Club - Advisor: Ms. Stulpin:   

Best Buddies Club - Advisor: Mr. Pacitto: 

Business Honor Society - Advisor: Ms. Herman:  

Class of 2019 - Advisors: Ms. Heskeith & Mrs. Pellicane:  

Class of 2020 - Advisors: Ms. Antosh & Mrs. Wade:  On Wednesday, April 24th, the Arrive Alive Tour will be here at the High School.  This will provide an opportunity for all members of the Junior Class to engage in a simulation activity that addresses the dangers and realities of distracted driving and driving under the influence.  The event will be located behind the Auxiliary Gym, weather permitting and, if needed, will be moved inside to the Auxiliary Gym.  There will be a mandatory informational meeting during Advisement on Monday, April 22nd.
Each student will receive a pass via their Schoology account outlining the  time of their visit.  You will be expected to show your teacher this pass prior to leaving.  Your pass will designate a specific arrival time.  Please report to the event only during your scheduled time.

Attention Junior Class!  Prom tickets are being sold now until Friday, April 26th.  Tickets are $55 per person and can be purchased at the Ranger Cub House.  Remember  to bring in your signed contractwhen you purchase your ticket.  The contract can be found right outside the Ranger Cub House!

Class of 2021 - Advisors: Mrs. Buckner & Mrs. McLean:   

Class of 2022 - Advisors: Mr. Guzzetta, Ms. Mason & Mrs. Van Huben:  

Chess Club - Advisor: Ms. Ben-Dov:   

Conservation Club - Advisor: Mr. Pacitto:  

D.A.S.H.2Change: - Advisor: Mr. Lysenko:  

D.E.C.A. (Distributive Education Clubs of America) Advisor: Mrs. Garofalo:  

Drumline Club - Advisor: Mr. Osborne:

Environmental Club - Advisors: Mr. Rennie & Ms. VanLoo:   

Fashion Club - Advisors: Ms. Shortino & Ms. Stulpin:   

Film Club - Advisor: Ms. Ben-Dov:  

First Priority Club - Advisors: Mr. Coffie & Mr. Rennie: 

First Robotics Club - Advisor: Mr. Gallina: 

First Tech Challenge - Advisor: Mrs. Mancuso:

Fitness Club - Advisors: Ms. Daly, Ms. Nentarz & Ms. VanLoo:   

French Club - Advisor: Mr. Mou:  

French Honor Society - Advisor: Ms. Resch:   

Friday Jazz Club - Advisor: Mr. Osborne:

Gay Straight Alliance Club - Advisor: Ms. Laistner:   

Hispanic Honor Society - Advisor: Ms. Thomas:   

History Club - Advisors: Mr. Buckner & Mr. Mueller:   

Hunting Club - Advisor: Mr. Pacitto:  

Italian Club - Advisor: Ms. Moyer:   

Jr. National Honor Society Club - Advisor: Mrs. Yantz:   

MasterMinds - Advisor: Ms. Ben-Dov:   

Math League - Advisor: Ms. Colasanto:  

Math Madness - Advisor: Ms. McGreevy:   

Mock Trial - Advisor: Ms. Ben-Dov:

Model United Nations - Advisor: Mr. Lloyd:  

Multicultural Club - Advisor: Ms. Montanez:  

Musicians' Club - Advisor: Mr. Osborne:

National Honor Society - Advisors: Ms. Mancuso & Mrs. Mizzi:  

Newspaper Club - Advisor: Ms. Ben-Dov:  

Odyssey of the Minds - Advisor: Ms. VanDeWeghe:  

Outdoor Conservation Club - Advisor: Mr. Montois:

P.R.I.D.E. Club - Advisor: Ms. Nentarz:   

R.C. (Radio Control) Club - Advisor: Mr. Pacitto: 

​Reading Buddies: 

Service Club - Advisors: Mr. Gerhardt & Ms. Morris:  

Ski Club - Advisors: Mr. Adanti & Ms. Nentarz:  

Sources of Strength - Advisors:  Mr. Gerhardt & Mrs. Wade:

Spanish Club - Advisor: Mrs. Montanez:  

Spencerport Trap Team - Advisor: Mr. Pacitto: 

STAGE Drama Club - Advisor: Mrs. Pellicane: 

STAGE Orchestra Director - Advisor: Mr. Viavattine:

STAGE Assistant Director - Advisor: Ms. Pellicane:

STAGE Vocal Director - Advisor: Ms. Kearsley:

STEP Team Club - Advisor: Ms. Guadagnino:  

Student Government - Advisor:  Ms. Wyant:   

Varsity Club - Advisor:
Mr. Schneider:  

​Writers' GuildAdvisor: ​Mr. Pincelli:   

Ultimate Frisbee Club - Advisor:  Mr. Schneider: 

Yearbook Club - Advisor: Mr. Ashworth:    


Attention Seniors!
If you are receiving a scholarship from the college you will be attending in the fall and would like it to be included in this year's academic awards, please bring a copy of the scholarship letter to Mrs. Burnett in the Counseling Office no later than Friday, May 3rd.




Basketball - Unified:  



Cross Country:  









Track and Field:  







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