Gay-Straight Alliance



About Our Club:

The High School GSA Club is a place where LGBTQ students and their allies can come together in a safe, friendly environment. The club's main focus is to increase acceptance and awareness, while creating lasting friendships. Students in our club represent several different perse groups and orientations. Throughout the year, we do educational meetings, social events, crafts, LGBTQ movies, activism, and so much more! This is not a place where others are looking to define who you are, but rather a place where you can come to be who you are and feel safe and comfortable doing so!


*We are planning on marching in the Rochester Pride Parade with other local GSA clubs this year! The parade will be held on SATURDAY JULY 15th! The theme this year is "summer of love." 

--> Those participating in the pride parade should meet at TRILLIUM and we will walk to the start of the parade together! 

*T-shirt making for the pride parade will be at the gay alliance of genesee valley (100 College Ave #100, Rochester, NY 14607) on JUNE 9th from 6-8PM! Bring a t-shirt and puffy paint if you can!*

Meeting Dates:

9/14/16 - Intro, First meeting of the year! 

10/12/16 - Shoulders to Stand on Documentary Viewing (with Q&A session after!) Learn about LGBTQ history in Rochester NY.

10/26/16 - "LGBTQ Basics, with Hannah" - Learn about terminology and respectful interactions. OFFICER VOTE!

11/2/16 -Coming out stories

11/16/16 - Genderbread person activity


12/21/16 - Holiday party

1/11/17- Penpal Letters with Middle School Ally Club! 

1/25/17- GUEST SPEAKERS! (Gabrielle Hermosa, Rowin Collins!)


3/8/17- Respond to penpals

3/22/17- Planning upcoming events

4/12/17 - Craft and movie day (making pins, posters, GSA Logo contest)

4/26/17-LOGO VOTING - Information for next year

5/10/17- Pride Parade Planning/Tshirt making for parade


6/7/17- Year end party

Advisor and Contact Information:

Tracey D'Alonzo

Office: rm. 512