Italian Club

For students to experience the aspects of Italian culture with others that share a common interest.

President:Alyssa Marsh, Dahlia Cappuccio
V.P: Kevin McKenzie
Secretary: Sam Coughlin

Treasurer: Sara Bonfiglio

Mrs. Moyer

Meeting schedule: (meetings will be in Room 501 at the high school, after school)


Wed. Sept 28- Informational meeting 

* $10 due to be an active member (works out to $1 per meeting) and 5 meetings 

* officers can only miss 3 meetings

* listen to morning announcements!!

* Restaurant field trip is in April and it is an additional cost

* MUST sign up on door of room 501 before meeting

* please only members at meetings (guests have to pay $1 at the door if there is food)


Wed. Oct. 19- Nutella and espresso tasting 

Wed. Nov. 16- Italian card game

Wed. Dec. 14- Bruschetta tasting 

Wed. Jan 18- Italian words BINGO (“tombola”) with candy prizes 

Wed. Feb. 15- Carnevale mask craft 

Wed. March 15- Cannoli tasting 

Wed. April 12- Restaurant field trip (after school, need permission slip) 

Wed. May 17- bocce ball

Wed. May 31- Goodbye party (Italian appetizers), elect officers for next year. 


*officers meet in room 501*

Officer Meetings:

Sept 21 

Oct 12 

Nov 9 

Dec 7 

Jan 11 

Feb 8 

March 8 

April 5 

May 10 

May 24 


How to join:
Come to at least 5 of our meetings and pay $10.