Multicultural Club

lg_multicultural club


Multicultural Club is designed to encourage the exploration of other cultures.

It is held in order to provide an extra-curricular opportunity for students to

learn how inpiduals in other parts of the world live; for example: typical

foods, social etiquette, leisure activities, celebrations, human rights, customs

and beliefs. etc.! We focus on areas of the world that are not usually covered

in language classes,or even sometimes history classes. WE LOVE to incorporate

ethnicities of members of our Spencerport High School community so come see

what we are about in room 301... EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

Goals & Activities:

- cooking demonstrations/tasting

- cultural crafts

- dance lessons

- presenters (people from other countries/foreign exchange students)

- cultural games

- holiday activities and parties

- music

- fundraising for international cause

- Investigating potential trip for the summer of 2013 to a country such as: Italy, England, Greece, etc.

When Do We Meet?

Our Meetings are held once or twice a month during activity period after school in room- 301.

Come and see Mrs. Montanez, Mr. Mueller or Anthony Cucinelli for a sample Itinerary!

Advisors: Cynthia Montanez and Richard Mueller