Yearbook Club



Interested in joining yearbook club?

We meet Thursday's during advisement in the library.

See Mr. Ashworth for a pass. 



  1. SENIOR PICTURES - October 31, 2017.

    Click Here to Submit Senior Picture
  2. Upload your picture
    2. Enter your First and Last name EXACTLY as you want it to appear in the yearbook.
    3. Under description enter: senior picture

*Major studios (i.e. Keepsake) often submit all photos on one disk so please check with your studio and confirm that the picture was received.

**Portrait Guidelines** (see below)

  1. SENIOR PARENT/BABY ADS - November 30, 2017

Attention parents of seniors: Are you proud of your child?Let them know.... (Note: This section is optional as there is an associated cost)

A Parent Ad is a “young” picture of your son/daughter along with a message of congratulations, recognition of their accomplishments, or a wish for your child’s success in the future. Parents enjoy this special dedication for their child as a last memento of their final year of high school.

(Starting September 1st, 2017) If this is something that interests you, please submit ads/pictures online at:

For more information see the file attached below.


 Don’t forget to purchase a yearbook at Supplies are limited so buy now.

**Portrait Guidelines

Please adhere to the following guidelines when choosing which shot you would like included in the yearbook:

    • Photo must be submitted digitally
    • Pictures may be color, black and white, or sepia
    • Digital files should be 2"x 3" at 300dpi.
    • Hands, props, and outdoor shots are acceptable
    • Any vertical pose (we recommend a head and shoulders pose)
    • Photo's must adhere to Spencerport High School Dress Code:
      DRESS CODE GUIDELINES In accordance with the Spencerport Central School
      District’s dress code policy, the following attire is considered inappropriate and should not be worn in Spencerport High School:
      • Any article of clothing that contains obscene, lewd, offensive logos/slogans or promotes alcohol, tobacco, and drug products.
      • A bare midriff or any article of clothing that reveals skin or underwear from the upper chest to the mid-thigh.
      • Any article/accessory of clothing that does not support a safe school environment, i.e., hoods, bandannas, sunglasses, metal chains.
    • The yearbook staff reserves the right to refuse your photograph if it is inappropriate, so please make good choices and use good judgment with your submissions.

File adflyer spencerport.pdf