Co-op Philosophy
All young people need to learn about the world of work and careers because ultimately they will enter the work force. Since one of the legitimate purposes of school is to prepare youth for eventual successful employment, an important goal of the school-to-career movement is to provide young people a continuum of career planning experiences.

One such experience is Cooperative Education, which integrates work experience with classroom learning through supervised, paid employment. Cooperative Education uniquely links the school, the workplace, and the community. It must remain flexible to meet the changing needs of employment, a diverse student population, and a changing technological society.

Through Cooperative Education, students learn how to secure, maintain, and properly conclude work. This ensures more successful employment in the future. In Cooperative Education, students learn the practical application of acquired intellectual skills and essential knowledges, focus on marketable job-related skills, and increase career aspirations. Furthermore, they will be able to refine their work ethic and learn to adjust to the requirements of the workplace.

CEIP Philosophy
Students will be knowledgeable about the world of work, explore their career options, and relate personal skills, aptitudes, and abilities to future career decisions.

Students will learn about the changing nature of the workplace, the value of work to society, and the connection of work to the achievement of personal goals.

Students achieve these goals through a community connection in the form of volunteer work.

Studies have shown that young people who volunteer are more likely to do well academically and less likely to make destructive decisions, such as abusing drugs or alcohol. Teens also report that they have developed new career goals as a result of their volunteer work. But the vast majority of teens say that it simply makes them feel good.

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