11th Grade Assistant Principal Dr. Calzi

Class of 2022!
Hope everyone is having a great Second Quarter! I know that the reality surrounding hybrid and virtual learning is new and certainly not easy but I know you are up to the task.   

As juniors, you are now able to apply for a parking pass.  Parking applications can be found in the main office or at the link below.  Also, please see the terms and conditions for parking at the High School at the link below. 

A parking pass is required prior to driving to school the first time. If you must drive to school without the pass, please come see me as soon as possible that morning  to obtain a temporary pass.

Parking Terms and Conditions
Parking Application

Don't hesitate to reach out for support via email, Schoology, phone or stopping by the Main Office. 

-Dr. Calzi

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Dr. Michael Calzi
Assistant Principal

Mrs. Julie Hill
Administrative Assistant