12th Grade Assistant Principal Ms. Silsby

Let's finish strong seniors!!  I am so proud of all of your efforts to make the most of this schoolyear.  We have a lot of exciting events coming up, but first and foremost, you need to make sure you finish the academic year strong.  

Here is the presentation from our April 28th Code of Conduct Meeting for those of you who may have missed it and have questions.  

A little about me... 
I was a Chemistry teacher for 8 years prior to becoming a AP.  You can see some of my demos here below.  I am a wife, furmom, and mom to two tiny humans (Jackson is 4 and Rylee is 2).  I believe that my primary role as your Assistant Principal is to support you in overcoming any obstacles that you might face throughout your high school career.   

A few tips for this year:
1)  You have worked so hard for so long.  Don't let senioritis kick in too early!  You will have lots of time to celebrate with your family and friends after graduation... stay focused and finish strong!
2)  Be present in the moments with your classmates and teachers.  Enjoy this time, as there will never be another time like it.   
3) Believe in yourself!  You've got this!
Parking is a privilege based on safe driving.  Use it wisely if you want to keep it!  Parking passes from Junior year will be rolled over to Senior year. 
Please see the Parking Tab under "Parent/Student Information" for the application and details. 

Please see the Early Dismissal/Late Arrival and PEP Form Tab under "Parent/Student Information" for the application and details.

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Ms. Silsby 12th Grade Assistant Principal 

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