Early Dismissal/Late Arrival and PEP Forms

Senior PEP/Honor Pass:
PEP and Honor passes allow you flexibility in your day.  In order to be eligible for your PEP pass, you must have an Honor's pass.  This requires you to:
1) have an average of 70 or higher during the most recent marking period, 2) have no failing grades, and
3) have no referrals. 
PEP/Honor passes can be revoked at any time for concerns regarding academic performance, attendance, or behavior.  

PEP requires a signed permission slip on file.  If you have PEP, you may leave school grounds during your unassigned blocks, including lunch, advisement, and Honor's Study Hall.  You MUST follow the procedures outlined for signing in/out; failure to follow this rule may result in loss of PEP.  You may not remain in the building when exercising this privilege, so as not to disturb classes in session.  You must be on time to your next class.  If you are tardy to school and or classes, this privilege may be revoked.  If you take a student without PEP off campus, your privilege will be revoked for the rest of the year. 

Senior Early Dismissal/Late Arrival:
If you are not eligible for PEP, you may apply for early dismissal/late arrival.  This allows you to come into school late or leave early IF you have a study hall.  It does not allow you to come and go during advisement or lunch.

Early Dismissal/Late Arrival and
PEP Permission SLIP (Electronic)

*Please note that during Covid, we did allow for grades 9-11 to apply for Early Dismissal and Late Arrival. This is no longer an option for underclassmen.