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I will communicate to students and parents through a variety of mediums. You are using one of them. Spencerport’s website is a tremendous source of information and I will attempt to maintain the high school webpage each and every month.

Please check the Daily Announcements on the high school webpages to easily access updated information on activities throughout the day.

Regularly check this web page for my bi-weekly newsletter to the high school staff called "The Ranger Report." It will be archived here as well.

Below, you will find a “Questions and Answers”link that will allow us to direct your inquiries to the necessary staff members for a response. You need to be informed about your child’s education and this approach should help you gain insight to our programs and policies here at Wilson. This email link should not be used for matters that require immediate attention. Our main telephone number is (585) 349-5200.

Thank you for your continued support.


Sean McCabe
Principal, Spencerport High School

Questions and Answers:
Linda Pelin, High School Principal's Office