AP Exams

Welcome students and parents involved in the Advanced Placement program at Spencerport High School!

 As you are aware, the caliber of students recommended for the rigors of Advanced Placement is very high, and we expect that this year's results will continue our tradition of excellence.

 Your child’s high school transcript is annotated and his or her GPA is weighted based on enrollment through the Advanced Placement program.  

Every student enrolled in an AP course is required to take the examination that corresponds with the course.  If the student does not complete the exam, the AP designation and weighting will be removed from the transcript.

The cost of each examination is $96.00, and payment for the exams is due by October 4, 2021.  Parents or students should pay for exams online for no additional fee with a credit card or e-check by clicking 

 If you cannot pay this fee due to financial hardship and you qualify for the FRPL program, please mail Mr. McCabe's office a copy of the meal application letter you received when you were approved, stating that your child qualifies for free or reduced meals.  Once the letter is received, we will complete the College Board Fee Waiver process on your student's behalf.  If you are in need of an additional copy of the letter, please contact Ms. Andrea Romano by emailing aromano@spencerportschools.org.  Ms. Romano will need this request in writing, but you can also call her at (585) 349-5190 with any questions.  No student will be denied the opportunity to take an AP exam; therefore, if your family does not qualify for the FRPL program, but it is not possible for you to pay for the exams at this time, please contact us directly at (585) 349-5201so that we can make alternate payment arrangements.

 For any other questions related to the exam, call Mr. McCabe's office at (585)-349-5201.  

For any technical questions related to using the online payment link, call our Business Office at: (585)349-5119.  

 Best wishes for a fun and productive year!