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Good Evening

This is Sean McCabe, the principal of Spencerport High School.  I hope each of you and your families are well.


Please remember that tomorrow, Thursday 6/10, the front loop will be closed for student drop off.  It is closed so that we can conduct our DWI Assembly for our seniors.  You can drop off your child in the East Parking lot, nearest Gillett Road, starting at 6:45…that is where I will be checking for the green check mark.  After 7:10 you can also drop students off in the back loop of the building in front of the blue arches.  Again if dropping off at the blue arches in the back of the building this would need to be at 7:10 or later to make sure busses have left.  The front loop will be open for pick up at the end of the day.  This information is in the email I sent home and on the High School web site as well. 


I also wanted to touch upon our dances this weekend and this is also related to our DWI Assembly for seniors.  I ramble a little bit here so I will apologize ahead of time.  This weekend, we will be having all three of our dances, our Senior Ball on Friday, Junior Prom on Saturday, and Sophomore Dinner Dance on Sunday.  I am so excited to be able to have these dances, not only for our kids, but for our parents as well.  It is another step towards getting back to normal for us as a school and as a community.  With that being said, the biggest fear I have every year as a principal is that a student makes a bad decision related to alcohol or drugs that impacts their life, or someone else’s life, forever.  So I just wanted to provide some advice, as someone who has worked with high school age children for 25 years…and I apologize if this comes off as lecturing or something like that…it is certainly not meant to be.   As the parent of a child that will be attending our Junior Prom, my wife and I are reviewing with her our expectations for her behavior related to alcohol and drugs, as well as our safety plan if she ever finds herself in a situation where she needs us to pick her up from somewhere after the dance such as at a restaurant, a friend’s house, a bonfire, wherever. We review this every time she attends any event.   I share this with each of you as both a parent and as a principal.  As adults, I have found that sometimes we assume adolescents already know what our expectations are, what our safety plan is as a family, etc.  And even when your child responds to you “I know, I know, I know, mom can you make dad stop with this!!” (believe me both my wife and I have heard this a lot) taking the time to have this discussion reinforces its importance with them and shows them you think it is important and that you care.  


As a school we do our very best to stop drugs or alcohol from being on campus, and we treat it very seriously in terms of having a drug and alcohol counselor on staff working proactively with our students and then also with our code of conduct/student discipline if there is an issue at school, but we cannot control what happens before or after a dance.  That is why it is so important we work together as a community to ensure our students, our children, are as safe as possible.  Every student attending one of our dances has signed a dance contract that reviews our expectations as a school…please make sure to review this with your child and also clearly communicate your own expectations with them not just during the dance but after, how much that you love them J and how you want to help them make good decisions and to be safe.  


I have never sent a note like this out before to parents/guardians, but with all that has happened over the last year and a half, everyone being “done” with COVID (believe me I am as well), and everyone excited to get back to normal,  I don’t want any of us to “lose track” of important topics like this.


The dances are going to be awesome.  They truly are…we as a staff are very excited for them...right now the weather looks great (keep your fingers crossed) and our wonderful advisors and class officers are prepping to start setting up Thursday night….all three dances will be very special.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.


As always, any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me.  All the best.  Sean

Parent/Guardian Update 6-4-21

Good Afternoon,

This is Sean McCabe the principal of Spencerport High School.  I hope each of you and your families are well.   A few updates below before the weekend.  If you have questions at all please feel free to call (349-5202) or email me and I would be happy to answer them.  I hope everyone has a nice weekend!


Returning to School 4 Days a Week: From my perspective this went really well!  Our students were awesome…they really were.  It was great to have double the amount of kiddos in the building.  It was just “a little bit louder” in the hallways ;-)…but it was music to the ears.  Students seemed happy to be able to see classmates they had not seen in person for over a year.  It was honestly/sincerely touching to hear/see students greeting classmates they had not seen in person in so long.  It really was.  On top of that I really think this will help with our transition back to 5 days a week in person learning in September.  Any questions/any concerns please just reach out to me and I will do my best to answer/address them.

DWI Assembly: The annual DWI Assembly will take place for our seniors on June 10th from 7:30am-8:00 am at the High School. Emergency vehicles will be located at the high school and throughout campus for this event. The front loop will be closed off for drop off….so parents can drop off in the staff parking lot as early as 6:45 am (East side of the building) or at the Blue Arches in the back of the building AFTER 7:10.

Graduation Update:  Planning for graduation for the Class of 2021 on Saturday 6/26 continues to go very well.  Today Dr. Calzi was going over with me the schematic of the football field and where different types of balloon sculptures will be, the graduation procession, etc.  Very exciting.   Just a few updates from Dr. Calzi related to graduation below:


"Tickets": I have received a couple questions regarding tickets. This year we are not doing physical tickets but there will be a "check-in" at the ticket booth. Staff members at the ticket booth will have all your information and special requests/needs.

A note for families with mobility or accessible seating needs: Golf carts will be available to meet you directly at your car and bring you to your seats if you have mobility needs. Simply have one member of your party "check in" and we will have a cart meet at your car. Accessible seating is located both on the field and at the top of the bleachers and staff will be available to direct you to these areas. 

Any questions at all related to graduation please reach out directly to Dr. Michael Calzi at 349-5210 (  He is truly great to work with and will be very responsive to your emails.  We WANT to work with parents and students to make graduation as special and memorable as possible so reach out to us with any questions or concerns. 


Yearbook Distribution: Yearbooks will be distributed to our 11th graders next Tuesday during lunches and to our 9th and 10th graders during lunch on Thursday.  Our yearbook staff will be set up in the location each grade level is having their lunch.  Any questions please reach out to Mr. Ashworth ( or Mr. Wyant ( .


Class Events: Please continue to check each classes Schoology page for updates.  This is your “go to” location for the most up to date information.


Below is some specific Class of 2021 info for TODAY (Friday 6/4)….senior car parade starts at 5:30 (line up begins at 5 at the DPW off of Trimmer Road):


Friday June 4th (we are calling it…”The Senior Extravaganza!”)


Car Parade:   The 2021 Spencerport High School Senior Car Parade is on Friday, June 4th at 5:30 p.m.   All family members are certainly invited to participate…last year we even had grandparents riding along which was awesome J.  The more the merrier.  We will be escorted by OPD, OPD Special Police, and the Spencerport Fire Department!


Parade Route:

Please use the Trimmer Road Entrance to the D.P.W. to line up for the Senior Car Parade. You may start lining up at 5:00 p.m. Please follow directions from Spencerport staff to line up and stay in your vehicle.  The parade will start at 5:30 p.m. sharp.



Powderpuff Football: This is a senior only event.  COVID guidelines for large events makes it impossible to open this to all grade levels and the community. However each student participating will be given 4 guests passes so families and friends can watch if they would like.  Our plan is for this to start at 7:30 p.m. at the football field.


Bonfire: This will begin after Powderpuff has ended and is a senior only event.  The Spencerport Fire Department will be supervising the fire and there will be music. 


Fireworks: These will immediately follow the bonfire (or we will wait until it is dark enough). The fireworks will be about 10 minutes long and will conclude the night.


Thank you to Mrs. Sullivan, our 10th grade Assistant Principal who has been working to organize this entire event!


Again all of this information can be found in more detail in Schoology. 



Student laptop return: Our 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students will be keeping their laptops over the summer.  Our seniors will be turning in their laptops following the schedule below:


In-Person Collection: Thursday, June 17th & Friday June 18th during third block (lunch) in front of the waterfall (10:25 to 12:40)  

 Remote Laptop Collection: Wednesday, June 23rd 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Cosgrove Library.   

**Students should bring their laptop, charging cord and sleeve.  


That is it for updates this week.  Thank you as always to each of you for your support of our students and learning community.  As always please reach out to me directly with questions, comments, or concerns.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. All the best.  Sean


Grade 10: Amy Sullivan: 349-5231,

Grade 11: Mike Calzi: 349-5211,

Grade 12: Jessica Silsby: 349-5221,

Building Principal and Grade 9: Sean McCabe: 349-5202,


School Counselors:

A-K (grades 9 & 11) Mrs. Morgan (585) 349-5212

L-Z (grades 9 & 11) Mrs. Gillett (585) 349-5244

A-K (grades 10 & 12) Mrs. Krywy (585) 349-5243

L-Z (grades 10 & 12) Mrs. Paolozzi (585) 349-5246

Academy, 15:1:1, & 12:1:1 (all grades) Mrs. DiNatale (585) 349-5242

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