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Parent/Guardian Update 1-22-2021

Good Afternoon,

This is Sean McCabe the principal of Spencerport High School.  I hope each of you and your families are well.  Below are just a few updates/reminders for the week.   For the most part there is a focus on our 12th grade class in this update but hopefully those of you without seniors will still find these updates informative.  As always any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me directly.  Sometimes when I have parents email me they start out with, ‘I am so sorry to bother you with this but….”  Please know you are never bothering me.  You are not.  No issue is too “small” to let me know about it and to try and help. 


Class of 2021:  Just a few updates and reminders for our senior class:


Date of graduation: Saturday June 26th (Sunday June 27th will be our rain date). Graduation will be held on campus. We are currently planning morning/early afternoon ceremony(s). Questions about graduation?  Contact Dr. Calzi ( or Julie Hill (


Other Class Activities:  Questions about Class of 2021 activities/events? Contact Mrs. Silsby, our 12th grade Assistant Principal, with any questions etc.  She works very closely with the class officers and advisors and would be more than happy to talk with you…. (585) 349-5221.  


As I shared in last week’s update we have worked to create a survey to collect ideas/suggestions from parents/guardians and students related to Class of 2021 events.  The survey was sent to out this morning via Schoology to students but I wanted to provide a link here as well for students and parents.  Responses will be shared with our senior class council and will help to guide us moving forward.  Last year when we did a similar survey with the Class of 2020 in April we received some really great ideas/suggestions that we were able to implement.  Please note that at the end of the survey we are asking for questions from our stakeholders related to senior events and we will provide answers to those questions (to the best of our abilityJ) in a monthly informational video starting this February (more to come on this in my next update!).   Please know we are trying to be as transparent and responsive as possible as we are planning events.  One of the biggest challenges we face is not to overpromise and under deliver…meaning/example….I would love to be able to say we are going to have a traditional Senior Ball in June.  I would.  I know that is what almost every senior and family would like.  But if I did that there is a VERY strong likelihood that everyone would be disappointed because we could not do it based on what the COVID health guidelines are most likely going to be at that time.   Do I know that for sure?  No I do not.  They could change (guidelines).  So we are trying to plan multiple events that will allow us to “pivot” to whatever is feasible/safe based on the most current guidelines.  Completing the survey is an important step for getting your ideas for the variety of scenarios that we could be facing the remainder of the school year.  So please take a minute to complete it.  Everyone’s voice is important so I would again emphasize to reach out to us personally with questions, suggestions, or concerns. 


Survey for parents/guardians and students of the Class of 2021

Parent Survey:

Student Survey:


Dennis Pelletier Youth Hall of Fame (11th and 12th grade students):  The Dennis Pelletier Youth Hall of Fame is a wonderful way to recognize our students for the challenges they have overcome and the accomplishments they have achieved.  Please take a minute to review the attached nomination form.  Essentially any community member can nominate one of our students at SHS (more details found on the nomination form) so that is why I included it with my update.  On a personal note my family is close friends with the Pelletier family and I knew Dennis as I was growing up.  He was a great man, loved Ogden, and was very invested in our youth.  I am always so happy and proud each year when some of our students are recognized as members of this Hall of Fame named in his memory and honor and sponsored by the Spencerport Area Chamber of Commerce.  So again, please take a minute to look at the nomination form and the more students we have nominated the better!!


Other reminders/updates:


Please continue to reinforce with your child the importance of regular attendance for each class (whether it be zoom or in person).  I know it can be tempting for some students not to “zoom in” at their scheduled class times when they are remote learning but this is essential…not only to support the instructional component but also for the routine component for students.  Obviously conflicts will arise (and if they do please have your child reach out to their teacher ahead of time) but the majority of the time students should be following their normal school schedule.   I freely admit to my daughter saying to me on a Monday night…. “I can sleep in tomorrow because I only have zooms with my teachers tomorrow…” and I take a deep breathe….and then explain to her why she needs to be up and participating in the scheduled zooms at the scheduled time….and I feel like I have had that conversation at least 20 times….:-)….so if you can relate to that…I hear you.  But it is a fight worth fighting so please continue to reinforce this with your kiddos.


I was just working this morning on my principal message for our 2nd quarter report cards (2nd quarter ends on Friday 1/29).  I thought I would end this week’s update with a few lines from that as I just feel they are appropriate:


As we mark the end of the 1st semester of the 20-21 school year I would like to thank our students, parents, and guardians for their unwavering optimism and flexibility as we have navigated the ever-changing waters of the COVID pandemic.  I am in awe of our students’ resolve and “can do” spirit throughout it all.  It truly inspires and motivates me.  It does. 


Thank you for all that you do to support our students, your children, as well as our teachers and staff.  This school year has been far from perfect…I would be the first to admit that…but the successes we have had, and there have been many, are in large part due to the resolve of our parents and students.  So again a sincere thank you. 


Have a great weekend!  Sean



Grade 9: Bill Jacoutot (Interim): 349-5229,

Grade 10: Amy Sullivan: 349-5231,

Grade 11: Mike Calzi: 349-5211,

Grade 12: Jessica Silsby: 349-5221,

Building Principal: Sean McCabe: 349-5202,


School Counselors:

A-K (grades 9 & 11) Mrs. Morgan (585) 349-5212

L-Z (grades 9 & 11) Mrs. Gillett (585) 349-5244

A-K (grades 10 & 12) Mrs. Krywy (585) 349-5243

L-Z (grades 10 & 12) Mrs. Paolozzi (585) 349-5246

Academy, 15:1:1, & 12:1:1 (all grades) Mrs. DiNatale (585) 349-5242


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