12th Grade Assistant Principal Ms. Silsby

Senior Year is Here!  

We can't wait to see the Class of 2021 back with us again for their senior year!  This has been an incredibly challenging time and I am so impressed by the resilience and positive attitude that you have all maintained.  You have worked so hard to get where you are today, and we can't wait to celebrate all that you have accomplished, as well as all that you have to look forward to!

A few tips for this year:
1) Senior year can be very stressful in the beginning if you let it.  As exciting as they are, college or job applications or military enrollments can be very overwhelming and anxiety provoking.  Make sure you take care of yourself and reach out to the trusted adults in your life as needed for support and guidance.  We will help you problem solve and remind you to stay focused on solutions.  We will help you employ strategies to manage your stress and keep you moving forward towards your goals.  
2)  Be present in the moments with your classmates and teachers.  Enjoy this time, as there will never be another time like it.  This class has a reputation for being incredibly kind, focused, and dedicated Rangers.  I know you will continue to impress us in your senior year!
3) Believe in yourself!  You've got this!
Parking is a privilege based on safe driving.  Use it wisely if you want to keep it!  Parking passes from Junior year will be rolled over to Senior year.  Parking applications can be found in my office (upstairs next to the elevator) or by clicking "Parking Application" below.  Starting on Tuesday, September 8th, you can reach out to Mrs. Bash (349-5220 or mbash@spencerportschools.org) to set up a time to come in and get your parking pass. You must have your parking pass prior to driving to school.  If you must drive to school without it, please come to my office immediately upon entering school to obtain a temporary one for the day.
Parking Terms and Conditions
Parking Application

PEP/Honor Passes: 

PEP and Honor passes allow you flexibility in your day.  In order to be eligible for your PEP pass, you must have an Honor's pass.  To be eligible, you must:
1) have an average of 70 or higher during the most recent marking period, 2) have no failing grades, and
3) have no referrals. 
PEP/Honor passes can be revoked at any time for concerns regarding academic performance, attendance, or behavior.  

PEP requires a signed permission slip on file.  If you have PEP, you may leave school grounds during your unassigned blocks, including lunch, advisement, and Honor's Study Hall.  You MUST follow the procedures outlined for signing in/out; failure to follow this rule may result in loss of PEP.  You may not remain in the building when exercising this privilege, so as not to disturb classes in session.  You must be on time to your next class.  If you are tardy to school and or classes, this privilege may be revoked.  If you take a student without PEP off campus, your privilege will be revoked for the rest of the year. 
PEP Permission SLIP (Electronic)

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How to Access Schoology for Parents

How to Access Parent Portal (Infinite Campus) to Monitor Student Grades and Attendance

Ms. Silsby 12th Grade Assistant Principal 

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