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Chemical Abuse Referral and Education Team

Spencerport High School’s CARE Team is comprised of teachers, administrators, school psychologists, and counselors. The CARE team plans events that raise student awareness of the dangers of drug and alcohol use as well as connecting students who struggle with drug or alcohol use with supports they may need 

 Kate Zobkiw
Kate Zobkiw,
Drug and Alcohol Counselor

To confidentially refer a student to the CARE team click here

When Do I Connect With CARE?

  • I saw a friend use drugs, e-cigarettes, or alcohol
  • I know a friend is using drugs, e-cigarettes or alcohol on a regular basis and I want to get them help
  • I heard a peer talking about using drugs, e-cigarettes, or alcohol

Worried About Making a Connection? Don’t Be!

  • The police will NOT be contacted
  • Student does not receive a consequence from the connection
  • Medical and emotional resources will be made available to student & family
  • You’ll feel better knowing your friend is getting the support they need

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please contact:
Kate Zobkiw, District Drug and Alcohol Counselor at
(595) 349-5245

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