STC Scholarship


The goal of the School-to-Career Advisory Council's Scholarship fund is to provide awards each year for graduating seniors who have demonstrated exceptional efforts and skills in a career cluster area noted by the New York State Department of Education.


The selection committee will award a scholarship or scholarships (depending upon the funds raised throughout the year) to a graduating senior(s) who meet the following criteria:

  1. Have completed a meaningful sequence of courses that supports their chosen career area upon graduation.
  2. Have maintained a minimum of a "B" average in the above-mentioned sequence area.
  3. Are completing a School-to-Career work experience (Co-op or CEIP) with a "B" average or above.
  4. Are able to supply letters of recommendation and work experience appraisals.
  5. Will be enrolling in a post-secondary educational program that supports their career interest.
  6. Finalists may also be asked to be interviewed by a panel comprised of "School-to-Career" Advisory Council Members.


Students must complete the application (see link below) which will be reviewed by a selection committee. Students will receive points based on their achievement in school (as evidenced by their transcript), their achievement in the workplace (as evidenced by a work appraisal), and how closely the student has aligned their high school career with their future career. Students who have taken some or all of the steps toward obtaining a Career & Technical Education endorsement receive additional consideration.

Students must submit a copy of their resume, transcript and two letters of recommendation with their application, as well as a work experience appraisal. One letter of recommendation must be from the work experience supervisor/mentor.

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