Daily Announcements


Attention Faculty and Staff:  Please submit any future announcements to rangernews@spencerportschools.org

For lunch today, we are serving tacos, stuffed crust pizza and fruit, yogurt and cheese plate with a roll.  For our sides we have oven roasted broccoli and chilled peaches!  Just remember that lunch is free for everyone!

Art Club - Advisor: Ms. Stulpin:   

Best Buddies Club - Advisors: Ms. Visca & Ms. Yannis: 

Business Honor Society - Advisor: Ms. Herman:  

Class of 2021 - Advisors: Mrs. Buckner & Mrs. McLean: 
Class of 2022 - Advisors: Mr. Guzzetta, Ms. Mason & Mrs. Van Huben:  

Class of 2023 - Advisors: Ms. Ben-Dov & Ms. Visca:  The Class of 2023 is hosting a fundraiser at Spencerport Hots this Saturday, January 23rd from 11:00 am until 8:00 pm.  Please mention the Class of 2023 when placing your order to help raise funds for our sophomores!  We hope to see you there!

Class of 2024 - Advisors: Ms. Antosh & Ms. Arbore:  The Class of 2024 School Council invites you to give back to the community and write a letter to doctors and nurses, hospitalized children and seniors in nursing homes!  Letters can be submitted in the boxes outside the Main Office until Friday, February 5th.  Let's all do our best to brighten someone else's day and put a smile on their face!

Chess Club - Advisor: Ms. Ben-Dov:  

D.A.S.H.2Change:Advisors: Mr. DiTucci & Ms. VanLoo: 

D.E.C.A. (Distributive Education Clubs of America) Advisor: Mr. Kanaley:  

Drumline Club - Advisor: Mr. Osborne:

Environmental Club - Advisors: Mr. Rennie & Ms. VanLoo:   Anyone interested in participating in Environmental Club this year, please contact Ms. VanLoo in Room 417 or tvanloo@spencerportschools.org.  We look forward to seeing you and brainstorming things we can do as a club this year.

Fashion Club - Advisors: Ms. Shortino & Ms. Stulpin:   

Film Club - Advisor: Ms. Ben-Dov:  

First Priority Club - Advisors: Mr. Coffie & Mr. Rennie: 

First Robotics Club - Advisor: Mr. Gallina: 

First Tech Challenge - Advisor: Mrs. Mancuso:

Fitness Club - Advisors: Ms. Daly, Ms. Nentarz & Ms. VanLoo:   

French Club - Advisor: Mr. Mou:   

French Honor Society - Advisor: Mrs. Resch:   

Friday Jazz Club - Advisor: Mr. Osborne:

Gay Straight Alliance Club - Advisor: Ms. Laistner:   

Hispanic Honor Society - Advisor: Ms. Thomas:   

History Club - Advisors: Mr. Buckner & Mr. Mueller:   

Italian Club - Advisor: Mrs. Moyer: 

Literacy Club - Advisor: Mr. Pincelli:   

Master Minds - Advisor: Ms. Ben-Dov:   

Math League - Advisor:
Ms. Colasanto:  

Math Madness - Advisor: Ms. McGreevy: 

Mock Trial - Advisor: Ms. Ben-Dov:

Model United Nations - Advisor: Mr. Lloyd:  

Multicultural Club - Advisor: Mrs. Montanez:  

Musicians' Club - Advisor: Mr. Osborne:

National Honor Society - Advisors: Mrs. Mancuso & Mrs. McLean:  

Odyssey of the Minds - Advisor: Ms. VanDeWeghe:  

Outdoor Conservation Club - Advisor: Mr. Cappotelli

P.R.I.D.E. Club - Advisor: Mrs. Nentarz:   

Senior High Newspaper - The Voice - Advisor: Ms. Ben-Dov

Service Club - Advisors: Mr. Gerhardt & Ms. Morris:  

Ski Club
(Snow Sports Club) 
- Advisors: Mr. Adanti, Ms. Nentarz & Mrs. Wade: 

Sources of Strength - Advisors:  Mr. Gerhardt & Mrs. Wade: 

Spanish Club - Advisor: Mrs. Montanez:   

STAGE Drama Club - Advisors:  Mr. Mitchel and Mrs. Pellicane: 

Student Government - Advisor:  Mrs. Wyant:  

Varsity Club - Advisor: Mr. Schneider:  

Yearbook Club - Advisors: Mr. Ashworth & Mr. Wyant  


ATTENTION ALL SENIORS!!  It is local scholarship time!  The local scholarship application will be available in the Class of 2021 Schoology page starting on Monday, January 25th.  There are two parts to the application and both must be submitted in Schoology by 3:00 pm on Friday, February 12th.  Be sure to read the directions carefully for completing both parts of the application.  NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.




Basketball - Unified:  



Cross Country:  









Track and Field:  



Please remember to limit social gatherings!!

hat is all for today Rangers and make sure to follow your 3 Ranger Ws:
   1.  Wash your hands
   2.  Wear your mask
   3.  Watch your distance and always remain 6 feet apart.


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