Intern (CEIP)


What is CEIP?
CEIP stands for Career Exploration Internship Program. The Exploration component of this internship is the key piece. A student interns in four different career areas or four different business-function areas to get a feel for each career or business-function.

What is Interning?

Interning is performing unpaid, volunteer work. Students who elect work experience credit through CEIP are foregoing income for the benefit of gaining different work experiences. With these experiences, it is hoped that the student can make more informed decisions about future careers, build a full resume, and receive a letter(s) of recommendation from mentor(s).

Why take CEIP?
When a student is unsure about what career area to pursue but has ideas about what he/she would like to try, they fill out a CEIP interest survey and discuss it with the School-to-Career Coordinator. Based upon the student's interests and connections between the school and the community, the coordinator will set up a rotating internship that consists of four rotations. Rotations are set up before the beginning of the next school year. All attempts are made to closely align rotations to career interest. However, due to age, some safety restrictions, and confidentiality issues involved in some careers, absolute alignment is not always possible.

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