11th Grade Assistant Principal Ms. Silsby

Welcome Back, Rangers!

What's New in 24-25:
You're juniors now!  Each new start of the school year is a time to redefine yourselves and how you want to represent yourself.  What do you stand for?  Don't be afraid to be unique!  Remember that everything is not always how it seems on social media, and unless you heard or saw it yourself in person, it may not actually be how it seems.  

A little about me... 
I am starting my 10th year as an Assistant Principal here in Spencerport, and I have had the honor to serve the Class of 2019, 2021, 2022, and now the Class of 2026! I am also the Academy AP (see the separate tab for more information).
I was a Chemistry teacher for 8 years prior to becoming a AP here in Spencerport.  I love all things science, and you can see some of my demos below.  I am a mom to two tiny humans who attend Spencerport, Jackson and Rylee.  I love to stay active, lift weights, run, and be outside in the sun.  

A few tips for this year:
1) Focus on what you can control, yourself.  Don't listen to criticism from people you wouldn't go to for advice.
2)  Be present in the moments with your classmates and teachers.  Enjoy this time, as there will never be another time like it.   
3) Believe in yourself!  You've got this!  But when you need a little guidance, don't hesitate to reach out to myself or your counselor, or any of our other amazing staff members.

Go Rangers!

Ms. Silsby, SHS Assistant Principal 

Ms. Jessica Silsby

Ms. Jessica Silsby
Assistant Principal

Mrs. MaryJean McQuilkin
Administrative Assistant