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WeMoCo CTE Class Offerings
Here you will find all CTE Class offerings.

Students are no longer permitted to drive and/or park on WeMoCo's campus. Due to extremely limited parking, students must use transportation provided by Spencerport High School. If you have an extenuating circumstance, please reach out to your grade level administrator.
WEMOCO Parent-Guardian Letter 2023-2024.pdf

With WeMoCo being located within the Spencerport School District, we do allow students to walk. If you live close enough to WeMoCo where you feel comfortable walking to AM WeMoCo, or walking home from PM WeMoCo, please fill out the walking consent below. 
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How to make changes to WeMoCo:
Are you interested in attending WeMoCo in 11th or 12th grade? Please talk to your counselor, who will give you the information you need to be enrolled. Keep in mind, WeMoCo is increasing in popularity and programs fill quickly, especially the trades. You are not guaranteed a spot if you sign up, but being in good academic standing is important in order to be considered. 
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Education, Human Services, Public Safety.pdf
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Manufacturing, Information Technology, Communications.pdf